CVTCORP & Zuidberg win a third Innovation Award at EIMA in Italy!



Montreal, Quebec –(BUSINESS WIRE)—November 24th, 2016—CVTCORP, a world leader in advanced engineering, design and manufacture of mechanical continuously variable transmissions (mCVT), with its partner Zuidberg, have won another innovation award with the concept Front PTO.

Since November 2015, CVTCORP and Zuidberg have collected 3 innovation awards in the last 12 months. The Front PTO concept has been recognized at 2015 Agritechnica, 2016 FIMA Agro show and 2016 EIMA International.

Jeremy Shiflett, CVTCORP’s Head of Sales and Marketing said: “We at CVTCORP are excited about results of our collaborative effort with our partner Zuidberg in the development of the Front PTO System. The team’s hard work has been recognized at these prestige’s shows and we look forward to continue our relationship with our partner Zuidberg for the development of this product. Both companies are actively working with OEMs to secure an initial launch customer.’’

The mCVT front PTO, is for use on tractors to drive machines to the required predetermined speed, regardless of the engine speed of the tractor. The advantage is a higher and more consistent work accuracy and fuel savings.

Founded in 2001, CVTCORP is an international technology company specializing in Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs). The company develops, manufactures and supplies CVTs for construction, agricultural and power generation markets. The infinite number of ratios provided by the transmission enables the equipment to do more work with less fuel. At the same time, the technology offers a cost-effective solution for vehicles and equipment outfitted with their innovative products. The company is privately held and headquartered outside of Montreal, Canada. For more information about CVTCORP please visit us at

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