ECOMEC 150 for material handling and off-highway applications hits an important milestone towards production in 2017



Montreal, Quebec –March 2nd, 2017— CVTCORP, a world leader in design and development of revolutionary high efficiency, traction-drive continuously variable transmissions (mCVT), completed all performance tests and in-lab product validation of the ECOMEC 150 transmission for material handling and off-highway applications. CVTCORP is now running vehicle’s seven days a week in its final test phase before production.

Initially announced at WOC 2016 with Skyjack, the ECOMEC 150 development program is going through the rigorous product development process in place at CVTCORP without any significant production validation issues. It is planned to be launched on schedule in pre-production Q4-2017 with full production starting in early 2018. The CVTCORP technical team has successfully developed a highly efficient transmission that will be a game changer for material handling and off-highway applications. Using CVTCORP patented transmission technology, the engine can deliver maximum power to the wheel at all times, in all conditions. Thanks to the ECOMEC 150 efficiency the vehicle can do more work with less fuel. Some of the initial vehicle validation tests performed have already confirmed an improvement of 15% in the drawbar pull test while keeping its top speed when compared to a vehicle equipped with a traditional power-shift transmission.

Brad Boehler, Skyjack president, stated: “Our priority is ensuring this innovation is proven and robust. So far testing has met, if not exceeded, our expectations and we are very optimistic that our CVT-equipped Skyjack vehicles will deliver significant value to our customers for ease of use, safety, fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance cost.”

Daniel Girard, CVTCORP CEO and founder, said: “Once a customer tries our mCVT product, then there is no going back. The ECOMEC product line will be a disruption in the market, being the first mechanical CVT offered in CE market for large equipment.”

Among other products the ECOMEC 150 transmission will be in display from March 7th through the 12th at the CONEXPO–CON/AGG in the IFPE area, CVTCORP booth S81049 in the South Hall 3. The CVTCORP team will be available to answer questions about the mCVT technology and the products being developed.


Founded in 2001, CVTCORP is an international technology company specializing in Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs). The company develops, manufactures and supplies CVTs for construction, agricultural and power generation markets. The infinite number of ratios provided by the transmission enables the equipment to do more work with less fuel. At the same time, the technology offers a cost-effective solution for vehicles and equipment outfitted with their innovative products. The company is privately held and headquartered outside of Montreal, Canada. For more information about CVTCORP please visit us at

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