Plug n’ Play EcoMec 150

for Construction Equipment

The EcoMec 150 is the perfect replacement for the traditional 3 to 6 speed powershifts with torque converter.  Improved fuel economy, smoother ride, greater responsiveness and better inching control are a few of the benefits for use in telehandlers, fork-lift trucks, backhoe loaders and small loaders.  The low-end power of the EcoMec 150 means lower engine speeds and optimal transmission ratio control to work through any tough job.  The EcoMec 150 fits in the same envelop space of today’s powershift and torque converter transmission used in most pieces of construction equipment.

Best Transmission for Rentals

The EcoMec 150 is perfect for rental applications since the transmission autoshifts between different ratios, making it easy to operate. This also prevents wear and tear often seen in today’s powershift transmissions where the machine remains in the same range during operation.  The simple speed throttle allows easy speed and inching control. The integrated power shuttle improves operator productivity with repetitive jobs. Different ground speed control options can further improve safety and benefits for machine owners.

Telehandler: New transmission choices!

Two Versions

For Multiple Applications

The EcoMec 150 is available in lateral and vertical drop configurations; an easy replacement to many of the common PowerShift transmissions currently in use. The compact design allows for multiple input and output shaft options.

Flexible Operator Software Options

The Ecomec 150 comes with a compact, autonomous and simple Transmission Control Unit (TCU) with multiple options for operator modes. For loader work, a special loader mode can be engaged that maximizes torque at the wheel at lower rpm while working into the pile: you work faster and save fuel.   Load sensors can also be incorporated to limit top speed or speeds in designated work areas. The smooth yet efficient power shuttle control unit can be used at any speed to maximize productivity.

Working with CVTCORP

as a Supplier

In using the industry standard APQP process, we follow a six step process to ensure the successful integration of our technology into power equipment. Along each step we work closely with our clients to develop a product that will meet expectations and meet product performance goals. 

  • Application review: Determine customer requirements and specifications
  • Concept Proposal: Develop initial concept with calculations, costs, footprint and performance criteria
  • Design:  Develop detailed design, integration into equipment, control and human interface and design all electronics, software and hardware as needed.
  • Validation: Validate transmission’s reliability using accelerated life testing and vehicle testing, among others.
  • Pre-Production:  Start pre-production along with manufacturing process and control plan validation
  • Production:  Implement production that also includes quality control and schedule monitoring