Save Fuel and Space: Generate from a PTO


The continuously variable nature of our mechanical CVT allows to drive a generator at fixed speed using a variable speed power take-off.

Multiple applications can be found where our PTOGEN® will produce power from a main engine running at variable speeds. Some examples: In a ship, in a train or in a natural gas compressor!

Using our PTOGEN®, you will:

  • Reduce your fuel consumption
  • Avoid using a complete generator set with its dedicated engine, cooling system and maintenance requirements
  • Save space due to a significantly smaller footprint


Go Variable to Save Money in Prime Power Applications

Providing quick ROI, using our mechanical CVT in a variable speed generator set (Varigen®) is an easy way to reduce fuel consumption, engine use, engine wear and overall maintenance. The transmission allows engines to run at lower rpm and in their most fuel efficient ranges.  Not running your engine at full throttle increases fuel efficiency, avoids bore glazing issues and extends engine life. Our Varigen® product is the perfect solution for all your prime power requirements.

Customer #1: ROI in under 8 months

When Customer #1 was looking for a solution to lower their fuel expenses, they turned to CVTCORP. By using one of our Varigen® 50kW to power different field equipment (pumps, heaters, appliances, etc), they were able to reduce their fuel consumption by 40% in addition to reducing the need to refuel in the same proportion. These savings also avoided emitting 67 tons of CO2 every year while producing significantly lower noise level from the idling engine.

Customer #2: ROI in 10 months

Customer #2 used a 50kW fixed speed genset to power their field offices, burning 6,000 L of diesel per month. After contacting CVTCORP, they switched to a Varigen® 50kW coupled with an extended capacity fuel tank. The result: they saved over 1,500 liters of fuel per month and cut refueling costs by 3. Workers enjoyed a significantly quieter environment and 51 tons of CO2 were not emitted.

Download the Varigen specsheet

Ecological Solution in Many Ways!

In addition to a quick ROI from fuel savings, going variable also allows for significant savings when you are looking at CO2 emissions and noise levels.  Most customers now are looking for an economic AND environmental reason to purchase their next prime power generator.

Add in reduced engine maintenance, and this is the icing on the cake for 24/7 operations.

Varigen® Products are available through our Partner NexSource Power Inc.

From 50Kw to 125kW, NexSource can provide the proper system for your prime power generator needs. With their large inventory of different power and configuration, they have the expertise to help you start saving time, fuel and money.

Just like any other generator, our Varigen® can be used in parallel with other units. It can also be purchased as an open skid or as an enclosed unit. Various options are available:

  • Weather or sound attenuated enclosure
  • Trailer
  • Fuel tank (standard or extended)
  • Voltage selector switch
  • Many others