Specialty Products

Adaptable Application

Almost any vehicle that requires precision control, simplicity of operation and high-power input can benefit from CVTCORPs mechanical CVT. This is due to the rugged mechanical composition and the easy integration design of the transmission. Below are a few projects we have encountered outside our core:



Reduced emissions, increased safety and simplification of operation are very crucial in the mining industry. With CVTCORPs proven technology, it not only attains industry benchmarks but dramatically surpasses them.


Ground Support Equipment

When time is of the essence, you must maximize productivity. Simplified control reduces operator error and therefore also downtimes. Reliable performance and the utmost precision is what makes the mCVT a valuable asset for GSEs.


Specialty Purpose-Built Vehicles

Across many industries, constant forward and reverse motion can become tiresome for the operators. The mCVT and its control unit reduce the fatigue experienced by drivers from constant shifting and tedious throttling to a simple forward and reverse with the flick of a switch.


People Movers / Shuttle Vehicles

In applications where precision and smooth operation are paramount, there is no better option than a transmission from CVTCORP. The infinite amount of ratios create the smoothest ride experience comparable to high-end vehicles.

Your Solution

The versatility of CVTCORPs mechanical continuously variable transmission gives a near-universal application across industries, as it can replace almost any situation where a traditional powershift transmission is used. Consider an mCVT for your application.

Robust mechanical reliability
High efficiency
Low-speed precision
Proven technology
Reduced emissions and fuel consumption
Simplified operation