Varigen™ Variable Speed
Generator Set

CVTCORP was founded in 2001, with the goal of creating an innovative generator system that would solve countless problems typical fixed speed gensets create.
Using the mechanical CVT in a variable speed generator set (Varigen™) is an easy way for:

Engine Downsizing

Uses a smaller engine across its entire operating range.

Engine Protection

Extend engine life.

Reduce engine wear and maintenance.

Significantly reduce total cost of ownership.


Varigen’s engine is always kept at its peak efficiency regardless of the load. On low load, the engine will turn at low speed, minimizing parasitic losses and fuel consumption.

Silent & Clean

Reduce CO2 emissions and noise levels.

As the load lightens at night, the Varigen will run much more quietly compared to a typical genset allowing for a much sounder sleep.

Microgrid Integration

Microgrid Integration – Varigen® will automatically fill in the gaps created by inconsistencies from renewable energy sources.

Wireless Capability

Monitor units remotely with a wireless capable control unit.

The Varigen™ was designed for application in the 50 kW to 125kW power range.


Jocelyn Béland - La Maurice National Park

“The difference is very large in terms of consumption, which is around 12,000 liters* of annual savings compared to our old ones. Additionally, the oil is changed every 500 hours instead of 250 hours for the Perkins, saving in maintenance costs. It is easy to compare at the level of RPM which is maintained around 1250 on average with a demand of 15-25 kVa. The Perkins always operates at full speed, 1800 RPM 24/24 whatever the demand. The VG50s are reliable with little maintenance. I had the transmission oil changed after an oil analysis last spring at 10,550 hours”.

* 50kW genset, used 6 months/year