For the past 10 years, CVTCORP has developed various AG applications with the mCVT ranging from propulsion applications in tractor transmissions to non-propulsion applications such as an implement drive and combine header.

A Truly Flexible Technology

Benefits to OEMs

  • Cost competitive with PowerShift transmissions.
  • Significantly more affordable than any hydraulic CVT on the market.
  • Using the same variator in different configurations/vehicles reduces the number of parts and increases the quantities produced, resulting in reduced cost.

Simple Design

Less Fuel by Design

CVTCORP’s mechanical CVT offers the best in engine optimization and transmission efficiency which means greater overall fuel economy.
Powershifts, while more efficient at a specific speed, only offer a limited number of gear ratios that results in poor engine utilization and limits overall fuel efficiency.

Do More Work

Tired of 20 x 20 shuttle shift gears and ranges? Partial Powershift and Power Shuttle options? The mechanical CVT is infinitely variable, highly efficient and fully automated. This results in less driver fatigue and less fuel burned. More work, less cost, more profit.

Improved Driver Experience

Tractors equipped with CVTCORP transmission are easy to use thanks to the communication between the engine and the transmission; hundreds of decisions per seconds are made by the TCU to simplify the operator’s task and maximize productivity. The hardest repetitive work can be performed effortless. Focus on your work, not on your powertrain.

Increased Safety

The sophisticated controls provide the ability to customize the vehicle behavior, resulting in increased safety and peace of mind.


The top performance of the mCVT in terms of fuel savings, productivity improvement and cost saving make it an attractive opportunity to replace powershift transmissions. On larger tractors, the mCVT design provides cost savings while keeping with the CVT benefits provided by hydromechanical transmissions.

Not just for Powertrains!

We are working with OEMs to test the mechanical CVT technology in continuously variable PTOs such as agricultural implements, cooling fans and combine headers.

The simple rugged design is easy to incorporate into many different applications.

Implement Drive

Continuously Variable Feed Mixer drive directly connected to the PTO that covers 2 and 3 Augers configurations.

  • Ease of start-up and ability to mix and drive
  • Increased reliability due to the internal wet clutch
  • Automatic shift under load with infinite number of ratios resulting in improved implement performance
  • Fuel-saving – tractor can operate at lower engine RPM for mixing
  • Fuel-saving – use of a smaller tractor due to fully mechanical CVT which maximizes the efficiency and productivity