Plug n’ Play EcoMec® for
Construction Equipment

CVTCORP transmissions are well adapted for various construction equipment. The superior performance of the mCVT in terms of fuel savings, engine downsizing, productivity improvement, improved safety and competitive cost makes it an attractive opportunity to replace hydrostatic and powershift transmissions.

A Truly Flexible Technology

Benefits to OEMs

  • Opportunity to use a smaller engine resulting in significant powertrain system cost reduction.

  • CVT architecture allows for transmission to be scaled from light-duty landscaping equipment to the largest and most demanding construction machines.

  • Cost competitive with PowerShift transmissions and more affordable than any other hydraulic CVT on the market.

Engine Downsizing

A CVTCORP transmission provides more power to the wheels compared to Powershifts resulting in the opportunity to downsize the engine for cost and fuel savings.

For some vehicles, the engine downsizing could result in using less than 55 kW engine and therefore, eliminates the need for expensive emission after-treatment.

Powershift Replacement

The EcoMec is an attractive cost-effective transmission which fits in the same envelop space of today’s 3 to 6 speed powershifts with torque converters that are traditionally used in most construction equipment vehicles. The EcoMec is also available in lateral and vertical drop configurations like many of the common Powershift transmissions currently in use.

Ease of Use

The EcoMec with the transmission autoshifts between different ratios, makes it easy to operate and smooth to drive. The simple speed throttle allows easy speed and inching control.

The integrated power shuttle improves operator productivity with repetitive jobs. The sophisticated control software allows for customizable vehicle responsiveness.

Increased Uptime

The sophisticated controls help prevent premature wear caused by driver abuse. It also protects against high speed shifting reducing unnecessary transmission repairs.


Increased Safety

Customizable speed control options can further improve safety and benefits for machine owners.

Load sensors can also be incorporated to limit top speed or speeds in designated work areas.


Software Options

The Ecomec comes with a compact, autonomous and simple Transmission Control Unit (TCU) with multiple options for operator modes. The CAN bus CVT Controller is compatible with connected sensors and telemetry.

Powered by CVTCORP

The mCVT technology allows manufacturers to reduce engine size while delivering unparalleled ease of operation and a 20% to 30% improvement in vehicle’s overall performance. The CVTCORP designed Transmission Control Unit (TCU) algorithm uses engine and transmission data to ensure maximum vehicle efficiency and overall system optimization. With its precise and stable control system, the robust mCVT design has been validated with over 500,000 cumulative test hours completed at CVTCORP both in the lab and on the field as well as by several OEMs in real-life applications.